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  • Photographer & adventurer

My Recent Work

  • inTouch Stationery

    Graphic Design, Print Design, Illustration, Typography

    inTouch Stationery located in Singapore offers high-quality personalized stationery for all special events. I designed a few Christmas cards, Singapore American School’s graduation cards from 2012-2014 and note cards.

  • Walmart Valentines Day Mobile

    Graphic Design, Web Design

    Walmart Valentines Day is letting shoppers know this Valentine’s that Walmart has quality and stylish jewelry at the best prices.

  • Pier 39

    Graphic Design, Design, Production

    Pier 39 is a waterfront complex that is a major gathering place for tourists and the many locals in the Bay Area.

  • PayPal

    Graphic Design, Web Design, Production

    PayPal is easy to use on phones and on tablets, in stores and online. I helped work on the UI/UX design for the Memorial Day landing page.

  • Walmart

    Advertising, Digital, Banner Design, Production

    Walmart creative for mobile and banner creative.

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